Luxury, vertical, fast fashion, digital retail executives

C-Level Suite
Retail Executives & Store Operations
Supply Chain Executive/Production
Merchandising/Visual Store Display
Legal & Quality Control/Customs

Empower employees with knowledge and ability to spend more time with customers. Protect the brand and customer loyalty through authentication. Increase sales with visibility and availability of inventory to meet customer demand.

Empower sales associates with product knowledge and tools to engage the customer throughout the shopping journey. Deliver high touch services based on precise availability of products and never disappoint. Streamline operations optimizing daily activities.

Achieve real-time location of items through all stages of manufacturing from design to delivery. Optimize processes for inventory controls and deliver stronger visibility and control of Work in Process including third party factories and agents.

Achieve high equity of floor space with real-time layout tracking, visibility of merchandise and ability to communicate location-based directions for placement. Manage inventory placement, markdowns and promotions where product, space and customers converge delivering product heritage and knowledge to enhance the customer engagement.

Enhance privacy and assure authenticity protecting the brand and eliminating counterfeit items. Provide item level knowledge of product make-up for custom controls and streamline overall processes eliminating paper trails for management along the product journey.

Deliver innovation with frictionless deployment of enhanced RFID achieving precision tracking throughout the supply chain in a cost effective approach meeting the needs of the business and enhancing customer experience.