New York, NY – November 16, 2016 – In response to wide ranging changes in the go-to-market focus of TagsysRFID and the expansion of innovative technology to meet the business demands needed today to shape the future of retail, the company will change its name to CXignited.  In alignment with the adoption of a new name, the organization will launch a new website and introduce an updated Corporate Identity.

Out of its core competency and driven by its luxury retail client’s business challenges, CXignited developed a single cloud based platform that combines software, hardware and services utilizing RFID/Beacons/IoT to deliver a Real-time Local Positioning System (RLPS) that drives product digitalization, localization, personalization and authentication across the Unified Commerce.

“The time has come for the company to align its internal advancement with its external appearance and to present a new face to the industry. CXignited’s passion is to empower retailers and brands to light up product, people and brand passion,” stated Alain Fanet, Chief Executive Officer for CXignited. “Our transformation strategy is focused on leveraging a new Customer Experience (CX) and product storytelling with a Real-time Local Positioning System (RLPS) streaming shop floor and Unified Commerce information intelligence.”

Customer Experience and CRM industry expert, Paula Levy of retail consulting firm Demand Worldwide says, “This is exactly the new kind of innovation for retailers and brands which leverages proven technology converging to provide an exciting and relevant shopping experience – a seamless merger of a fantastic physical experience with powerful, yet subtle technology delivering value to consumers and the brands/retailers alike.” Levy adds, “This aligns with a brand’s store of the future strategic initiatives and will allow retailers to streamline store operations while offering a unique immersive customer experience not easily delivered today with one technology platform.”

“We have always been a company with a culture of rapid evolution and advancement,” added Fanet. “Retail industry analysts predict double digit growth in 2017 for RFID and IoT. We are the first to bring to market an extremely innovative solution that delivers item level intelligence and inventory availability/visibility all in a single real-time view that increases sales and optimizes operations. Our rebranding represents the manner in which we now have the resources and talented team to globally execute on our strategy.  Gaelle Delore, Chief Operating Officer of CXignited adds, “We have addressed the expanded supply chain and the new connected consumer with our technology platform that brings the customer, product and location together.  Brands now have the ability to deliver on their omni-channel initiatives from design to delivery.”

About CXignited

CXignited sets the new standard for Customer Experience (CX) igniting product, people and brand passion. Through its progressive ShopCX Cloud Platform, CXignited streams shop floor and Unified Commerce information intelligence through RFID/Beacons/IoT. With a Real-time Local Positioning System (RLPS), CXignited drives product digitalization, localization, personalization and authentication across the Omni-channel for luxury retailers and global brands. Delivering item level intelligence and inventory as well as availability/visibility all in a single real-time view. You now have game-changing 24/7 product storytelling, instant item replenishment, customer /sales associate empowerment and a new level of in-store engagement with connected consumers. Visit us at, follow us on Twitter at @CXignited, like us on Facebook and visit our LinkedIn page.

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